Show, Don't Tell

Show, Don't Tell

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Her phone chimed, the glowing screen illuminating a blanket of used kleenex. "Sorry you don't feel well," the text bubble read, "can I do anything for you?"

"Thank you. I'm good," her words read back.

"They're busy. And, I don't need to inconvenience anyone," she thought, reaching for a cough drop and finding an empty bag.

Sounds came from the front porch. Footsteps. Alarmed, she sat up, waited a moment, and then walked to open the door just in time to see her best friends' car pulling out of the driveway. A grocery bag was left on the doorstep: top ramen, herbal tea, zinc, a romance novel,  jalapeno potato chips, and a fresh bag of Halls. She collapsed back onto the couch, unwrapping a lozenge, and added a damp tissue to the pile.