About Cliché

Cliche: an onomatopoeia of the noise made by a printing press
when something is printed over and over again, or, stereotyped.

Cliche Teas was founded out of a love of books, quality tea, and a desire to be joy spreaders. As two millennials, we have spent plenty of years being encouraged to reject what is popular, or to magically discover and like things “before they’re cool.” Honestly, we don’t have the energy for that anymore. We’re in our mid 30s. We’ve built and sold businesses. We’ve built and lost relationships. We’ve started to drink less because, as it turns out, feeling crummy impacts your entire day (and maybe the next one too). And we don’t have days to waste.

So, our thought is this: no matter how played-out the trope is, or even if that damn book title is on every tiktok the algorithm feeds you, if you like it, ENJOY IT! We’ll be cheering from the sidelines, working on the perfect tea blend to enhance your experience. We’re here for it!

As playful as we may be,
we do take tea seriously.

Cliché's teas are thoughtfully blended with readers and sippers in mind. Our ingredients are high quality, and are housed in compostable pyramid sachets to allow room for the leaves to expand as they steep. We highly recommend following our temperature, volume, and steeping instructions. We are honored to be blending and packaging our teas on the land of Kahtnuht’ana Dena’ina people. Cheers!